Monday, September 3, 2012

Photo A Day: Aug 22-31

Aug 22 - Today was my last day at A-Class. I had a fun day with all my younger kids. I will definitely miss all of them! ᅲ_ᅲ
Aug 23 - My big brother and I at the airport. It was a very long day today! 
Aug 24 - Reunited with my best friend after more than a year. 
Aug 25 - I missed the sunsets in Bellingham. Bellingham has the best sunsets I have ever seen. 
Aug 26 - Went hiking up on Baker with some friends. We got to play in the snow in August! 
Aug 27 - Headed back home after an awesome weekend in Bellingham. It was a gorgeous day on the ferry! 
Aug 28 - I got my haircut today. It was the first time I cut my hair in over a year. 
Aug 29 - I was walking in downtown Poulsbo and found this new tea shop that opened a couple days ago. It is called Sugar & Spice Tea Company and it sells loose leaf tea. I bought an oz of 4 different teas. I will be a frequent customer here. 
Aug 30 - I got a new pair of boots for the winter to come. My other pair got damaged in Korea, so I needed a new pair for this winter. 
Aug 31 - Jamie and I had a pho date today. We always try to get together and get lunch whenever we are in Poulsbo together. I has been over a year since we went and even the workers who always sees us said long time no see to us.

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