Travel Essentials

Here are my basic travel essentials that I will be taking with me on my journey. These are also helpful essential for other fellow travelers as well.

1. Camera
I love taking photos of everything and when I am traveling it is an even bigger must. It is also important to have all the necessary traveling essentials for my camera as well. Make sure to have an extra fully charged battery as well a charger, just in case. An extra memory card is essential as well. You never know when you'll be near a computer to upload them. 

2. Comfortable Shoes
As a traveler, you will be doing a lot of walking. It is important to have a pair of comfortable walking shoes, that are worn in, so that at the end of the night your feet won't be aching. 

3. Money Belt
They are small, light weight, and easy to hide. They are easy to access and will keep theft from happening. You don't want to keep a wad of cash in your back pack, you want it somewhere safe and secure.

4. Outlet converter/adapter
A converter actually changes the electrical charge between the outlet and your equimpent. Many larger appliances can handle virtually any wattage, but smaller or older equipment may not (always check the specs before plugging it into an outlet in another country). If the charges aren't compatible, you are likely to burn out your appliance, so watch out!

An adapter is a plastic piece that fits the different-shaped-plugs into the correct outlet.

Many times, you will need both converters and adapters when you travel abroad. My suggestion is buy a kit that is suitable for any international venture so you never have to go back to the store for this headache purchase again.

5. Passport (and copies)
It is very important to keep your passport somewhere safe with you. It is also important to make several copies. Have a couple copies with yourself as well as with your emergency contact at home as well.

6. Travel Guides
Having a travel guide of the country you are going to is very important. You want to be able to know all the ins and outs of the country you are going to. I will be bringing my Lonely Planet South Korea books. 

7. Phrase book
In many cultures respect tourists that try to learn the language, so anything you can do to contribute to a conversation will make your time abroad more comfortable. If you're going to a country whose native language has foreign characters, a phrasebook is especially useful.

8. Map
Having a map will be your best friend. 

9. Reusable water bottle
Having your own water bottle is very important way to stay hydrated. In tourist destinations, especially where it is hot, water bottles are expensive. It is also important to be environmentally safe. You never know when you'll see a recycling bin in a foreign country.

10. Stop Watch or Travel Alarm Clock
So that you are able to have an alarm everywhere you go. They are also pretty cheap and you wouldn't mind losing it, if it comes to it.

11. First Aid Kit
Having a first aid kit with the necessary medications and band-aids. Bring some Ibuprofen, bug bite ointment, Vitamins, Tums, etc. You'll never know when you'll need it!

12. Personal Toiletries 
Bring a travel toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, toilet paper, shampoo, lotion, and detergents. You won't be sorry!

13. Sewing Kit
You never know if a button falls off or you get a small rip. Having a small sewing kit can be very helpful.

14. Hand Sanitizer 
Not all bathrooms have soap in them. Enough said.

15. IPod or Mp3 player
To keep you entertain on those long trips, or even the short ones.

16. A Good Book
Having a book is also very useful on those long trips where all you want to do is escape to another world of fiction.

Thank you Playing with Elephants for a useful list to help me with my list!!!