Friday, February 14, 2014

Becoming a Wedding Photographer

I am less than a week away from going back to Korea. I have my visa and my plane ticket is purchased. All I have to do now is pack my bags. I also had one big event that I was committed to before going back to Korea, and on Sunday that event finally came.

Several months back, one of my classmates asked my if I could do her wedding invited photos after she found out I do a bit of photography. After the photo session and she saw the photos, she really liked them and had asked if I could also do the photos at her wedding.
I was very reluctant to say yes. I had never done the photos for a wedding. I was very nervous and wouldn't want to mess up the most important day for the couple by not being able to capture the day with photos. After some thought, and understand on both sides that I am an amateur, I agreed to do it.

The day was very nerve racking. I wanted to make sure to capture each moment. My best friend, Emily, came down to help me, which made me a little less nervous. It had also snowed several inches the night before which made me nervous driving to the venue. But the snow made the venue beautiful and it made my shots beautiful as well. Anyway, I can now say that I succeed in doing photography for a wedding. I have one under my belt and if anyone asks me to do their wedding, I can feel confident when I do.

Please check out the other photos on my Flickr account.

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