Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Photo A Day: February 22-29

Feb 22 - Some "Love Letters" from my kindergarten kids. They are super cute that I needed to share them. 
Feb 23 - Today is one of my best friends birthday and I am unable to celebrate with her. So I made a sign for her and my kids wanted to say Happy Birthday too! I Love You! 
Feb 24 - My kids graduated from kindergarten today. I didn't think I would cry because I will still be there teacher when they are in first grade, but when I started to give my congratulatory speech, I started crying. Then, when Becky gave her speech and said goodbye, I cried some more! 
Feb 25 - I'm turning Korean! I got a perm today! I love having curly hair and so I finally decided to get a perm. They had to plug in the curlers to make them hot. Thank you Sue for helping me. 
Feb 26 - Needed to go to the foreign food market today in Itaewon. I needed to get my supply of American food! 
Feb 27 - The E-Mart sign. A beacon to guide me home each night! 
Feb 28 - I worked on my spring classroom decorations for the first part of my day. Here is a little preview of some of my cute little friends, so far. 
Feb 29 - Some of my 6th grade students!

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